You would like to get results with the Web Marketing?

Technology, meaning the use of a website or social channels for your company, is not effective if it is not included in the context of a Digital Strategy.

1) Responsive website

A responsive website is a site created with a particular development technique that makes the layout of the site automatically adapt to the screen size from which it is displayed. This means that if you have a responsive website, it will be displayed differently on tablet, smartphone or PC: the user will not have to waste time zooming or browsing the screen to find the desired information, but these will be presented in the way that best suits to the display mode provided by the device.

2) Web Marketing strategy

Web marketing is the branch of marketing activities of the company that uses the online channel to study the market and to develop commercial relationships through the web.
Al giorno d’oggi adottare strategie di web marketing rappresenta una peculiarità fondamentale per tutte le aziende, piccole, medie e grandi che siano. Risulta quindi fondamentale pianificare, accanto alle proprie strategie di marketing tradizionale, anche le proprie strategie di web marketing.

3) Study of the results

Careful and accurate analysis of the data provided by the marketing communication on the web is of vital importance for those who want to grow and improve by learning from their "mistakes". In this sense it is possible to: (a) calculate the return on investment for individual marketing campaigns, (b) see which campaign is most effective and (c) identify the most effective promotional channels, thus rethinking the redistribution of the available budget.

4) Presence of the Social Media

The correct use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter can enable small and large businesses to reach more customers than traditional channels. People today interact with companies through social media. Therefore, having a strong presence on social networks is the key to creating empathy and loyalty. If implemented correctly, social media marketing can bring significant success to your business.

Steps to start your digital strategy

1 The first step is to analyze what your potential customers needs: Which can you satisfy? What does your presence on the web communicate? Intercept the needs of your potential customers, analyze your communication on the web and everything will start to make more sense!

2 Implementation: correctly performed the analysis phase you will have all the elements to decide whether to revise your existing website or create a new one, decide whether to implement an email marketing system or choose a different channel or style of communication.

3 Monitoring and review: measure the effectiveness of actions and above all investments through KPIs. Capitalize the results achieved and plan an optimization of the tools used.